Crawl Squad

If Crawl Squad is offered at your child's school - we come in once a week for a 15 minute session and work on activities to maximize stimulation of the senses, milestone development, language development, baby massage and brain gym, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, over 8 sessions.

Crawl Squad is also offered privately at your home and we work on the same principals as mentioned above with Crawl Squad offered at schools.


Your child’s first year is an amazing time for him/her and for you, and provides the foundation stone on which all his/her subsequent development is build. At birth your child arrives with an enquiring mind, ready to explore and discover – and during the next year, their skills and abilities to develop further, extending all the time. Your baby is an active, dynamic learner who has an innate need to learn, and you will see this everyday as his curiosity seem never –ending. Yet you can help this process along by providing him with love, care and stimulation so that he/she becomes a bright baby!

Milestone Development

A developmental milestone is an ability that is achieved by most children by a certain age (e.g sitting by 7 months). Developmental milestones can involve physical (sitting or walking), Social (sharing with others), Emotional (expressing emotions – happiness, sadness), Cognitive (recognition of familiar sounds) and communication (talking)

Language Development

Babies and young children’s language development is strongly influenced by the language they hear spoken around them and to them. The more babies are exposed to language the more opportunities they will have to practice their developing communication skills. Early language skills have been linked to later successful reading.

Baby Massage

Is the gentle and rhythmic stroking of your baby’s body with your hands. The soothing strokes of your hands stimulate the production of the feel good hormone oxytocin.

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