Your child’s first year is an amazing time for him/her and for you, and provides the foundation stone on which all his/her subsequent development is build. At birth your child arrives with an enquiring mind, ready to explore and discover – and during the next year, their skills and abilities to develop further, extending all the time. Your baby is an active, dynamic learner who has an innate need to learn, and you will see this everyday as his curiosity seem never –ending. Yet you can help this process along by providing him with love, care and stimulation so that he/she becomes a bright baby!


  • Helps improve your baby’s attention span
  • Helps improve your baby’s memory, curiosity and nervous system
  • By stimulating your baby’s senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) you enable your baby to reach their milestones faster as well as aid in the development of motor skills.

Did you know?

Your baby’s immediate surroundings will have the greatest impact on his/her development.

Each and everything your child is exposed to is a wondrous thing to be explored with their eyes, ears, mouth, noses and fingers. Simple items that you may take for granted represent a world of wonder for your curious child, as everything is something new to investigate. Ensure that your child receives the appropriate stimulation during his/her first year of life, because this is the time when your baby’s brain is growing the fastest than it ever will!

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